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Custom Rigs


I've added a SmallRig top cheese plate and Berkey System* rail system to hold the viewfinder.

I eliminated the original rod which held the viewfinder, because it wasn't robust enough and would rotate.  

The viewfinder can now be place anywhere, including at the back of the camera when shooting on a tripod.

Berkey System http://www.berkeysystem.com

SmallRig http://www.smallrig.com

*Brian Berkey's small shop is worth supporting... his craftsmanship can't be matched.

I've also replaced the microphone holder with a much better system... which is very easy to remove when packing the camera.

Again I'm using a Berkey System rail, but you can find the parts elsewhere. My short shotgun is held by a Rodes Mic holder with rubber bands to eliminate handling noise.

Berkey System http://www.berkeysystem.com

I've also added Berkey parts to the back rails to hold my Atomos recorder.