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Used Equipment

Extreme Pro SanDisk Card

32GB Storage Capacity

Optimized for 4K Video Recording

Up to 160MB/s Read Speed

Up to 150MB/s Write Speed

$32CAN / $25US

Camera Equipment For Sale

This my personal equipment... I'm not a store.

Please note: I only ship to the USA and Canada.

Bill Kerrigan - Cinematographer

514 238 9775


JVC 2 Inch Video Monitor

Standard Definition

RCA input

$25CAN / $20US

Gossen Luna - Pro Light Meter

$65 CAN

CineSMART Speed Crank w/ Swivel Knob

This is a true Speed Crank.  The knob swivels, making long and fast focus pulls smooth and fluid through several revolutions.  It is the only solution we know of for large barrel lenses with a long travel to the focus ring.

Our unique design features a secure locking mechanism on the follow focus side, ensuring that the speed crank doesn't slip out at a critical moment. Fits any standard ARRI (12mm square) follow focus knob.

List: $199US

$75 CAN

Sony PVV-3 Dockable Betacam SP Recorder

Free / Pick up only

Tiffen Viewing Filter

Old School... Use a contrast viewer to judge relative highlight and shadow densities.

Balancing lighting by eye is a matter of experience. Decisions can be aided through the use of contrast viewing filters.

These are designed to handicap the eye, with its much greater range of apparent densities, to resemble the range.

$59 New


Sony HVR-Z5U 3CCD High Definition Camcorder (Records on DV Tape and has a HDMI Out)

• High-definition video camera records in 1080i, 720p, and 720i specification.

• 16:9 widescreen recording; 4:3 conversion capable

• G Series Lens  20x optical zoom Lens

•  Optical Super SteadyShot System dampens hand jitter and vibration

• 3CCD camera system; records to conventional DV tape stock.

(The camera is working, but for convenience you may want to replace the in camera battery and menu board.)

$700CAN / $541US

Minolta Auto Meter III F Flash Lightmeter w/Carry Strap

$100 CAN

Redrock Micro Rod / 8"

$50 CAN

Redrock Micro Rod / 4"

$45 CAN

Chrosziel Clip-On Matte Box and French Flag

Description:  Used Chrosziel Sunshade with sunshade, 2 independently rotating filter stages, two 4 x 4 filter holders, a French flag. Compatible with 16:9 aspect ratio. This matte box will work with a variety of cameras and lenses.

Step-down rings, not included.