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Avenger Grip Head with Senior Pin

Qty # 1

Part #  D04005

List  Price $170

$68CAN / $50US


Mic Stand with Fixed BoomMixer

$35CAN / $25US

Lowepro Pro Roller 300 Case

$300CAN / $217US

Maffer Clamp

$30CAN / $22US

Gobo Head

$30CAN / $22US

Shape Mountain Suction Cup

Powerful Power-Grip suction cup

Can be attached to all smooth and nonporous surfaces: glass, metal, plastic, ceramic and even varnished wood

Maximum load capacity of 7,5 lbs (3.4 kg)

A red line on the push-button indicates if the cup is securely attached or not

Included camera bracket can be replace by a tripod head (not included)

$130CAN / $100US

Lowel Tota Clamp

$30CAN / $22US

Tota-Light Gel Frame

$30CAN / $22US

Lowel Tota Clamp

$30CAN / $22US

Lowel Flexi-Shaft

$25CAN / $19US

Harper Nylon Two Wheeled Hand Truck

Description:  Supports 600 lb.

$50CAN / $37US

PortaBrace 41-inch Tripod Mummy Case

PortaBrace TM-41B Tripod Mummy Case (Blue) is designed to carry up to 41 inches long.  This lightweight yet durable case is constructed from 100 denier Cordura nylon with 3/4 in. padded foam interior.  It is a trim case which protects Tripods and at the same time makes for easier carrying.  A wooden handle with padded grip makes for very comfortable hand carrying and balance point adjustment... the handles are fold in pockets when flying.   Backpacking shoulder straps are provided for hands free carrying. The backpack straps are stowed in a hidden envelope on the rear of the case. There are 4 long interior hanging pockets and 4 exterior zippered pockets.

$350CAN / $250US

Secced SC-Dolly 100H

Heavy-Duty Tripod Dolly

5" Casters for Easy Mobility

Weight Capacity of 198lb

Brake Locking System

Cable Guard

Brakes on each Castor

Black Aluminium

Quick & Easy To Set Up

Like New Condition

New - $660

$300US / $400CAN

Grip Equipment For Sale

After 30 years of collecting film and video equipment, I'm finally reducing my equipment package.

As I sort through my gear, I will keep adding equipment to this list every week.

This my personal equipment... I'm not a store.

Please note: I only ship to the USA and Canada.

Bill Kerrigan - Cinematographer

514 238 9775