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Camera Assistant List

Over the years, I've always worked and traveled with a camera assistant, but because of budget restrictions, I now hire on location.

I'm collecting names of camera assistants in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City.

If you're an experienced AC, able to pull focus and familiar with professional camera menues, please email and I'll add you to

the list:

I'm Spring Cleaning

Selling Camera, Sound and Lighting Equipment

After 30 years of collecting film and video equipment, I'm finally reducing my equipment package.

As I sort through my gear, I will keep adding equipment to this list every week.

This my personal equipment, I'm not a store. To keep it simple, I only ship to the USA and Canada.

Used Camera Equipment

Used Lenses

Used Sound Equipment

Used Lighting Equipment

Used Grip Equipment

Other Equipment

This site holds a random collection of information on Sony FS7 and Sony A7s / A7sii, which I've gathered from other cinematographers and camera forums.

The purpose of this site is to share with others... if you find an article you think I should add, please write.

You can also find more information on the Facebook site INDIEcameras.

Bill Kerrigan - Cinematographer

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

(1) 514 238 9775

Teleprompter Operator List

I'm now offering a teleprompting service and from time to time, I need operators in Quebec City, Ottawa and Montreal.

If you have experience, please email: